Who are we?

From regulations to security and privacy Lotus network aims to provide
Users the hybrid finance experience.

We are building a network for
Future fintech

Bridging the gap between cryptocurrencies and tradtional banking system.
Utilizing cryptocurrency to generate passive income through Various technologies.
Make Crypto secure, usable and complementary to fiat currency.

With LTS Finance solutions a portable bank will be in your pocket, you can pay or transfer money instantly in a secure decentralized and regulated way with the lowest fees, Without any worries of scams or losing funds, Also you can use it to generate passive income through different services that works on top of LTS Chain and LTS token, We are here to bring you the future fintech.


Problems & Solutions

Some problems regarding cryptocurrencies makes it
impractical for daily usage.


High gas fees (Transaction fees) & Low TPS (Transactions per second).
Cryptocurrency & Blockchain complexity for fiat currencies users.
The lack of a regulatory body.
The increment in scams operations.
LTS CHAIN solutions


Hybrid blockchain to keep both advantage of decentralized transactions, security and centerlized regulations.
Digital financial platform where you can send or receive Cross-Chain Assets, and fiat currencies. With, The simplest UI to be ever seen in blockchain and dapps.
LTS CCL System (Clean Coin Listings). To prevent scams in cryptocurrencies playground. [Cross-Chain]


Q1 - Q2, 2021
Project Ideation - Lotus Network official launch - Websites & Social accounts went live - LTS Token contract development
Q3 - Q4, 2021
LTS Token contract deployment on BSC - LTS FINANCE development (DAPP)
Q1 - Q2, 2022
LTS FINANCE development (DAPP) - LTS CCL development (Website)
Q3 - Q4, 2022
Private sale campaign - LTS LightX development
Q1 - Q2, 2023
LTS Finance official launch - LTS LightX official launch - Private sale (2% of supply) IDO (18% of supply) Live Now
Q3 - Q4, 2023
Cex Listings - LTS Chain whitepapers - Phase2 roadmap
About Token

LTS Token

A hyper deflationary token in the early phase, A native cryptocurrency of LTS Chain on late phase.

Coin Image

LTS - Native cryptocurrency of LTS ECOSYSTEM

LTS Token is the native token of Lotus ecosystem. And soon to be migrated to LTS CHAIN. The token was developed to have a huge total supply at the beginning, With hyper burning mechanisms to deacrease total supply as far as we evolving.

By holding LTS, You will enjoy all Lotus Network ecosystem. And experience the hybrid finance with our services.

Token Stats

Token Distribution


Symbol: LTS

Total supply: LTS

Circulating supply: 200.000.000 LTS

Type: BEB20

Token taxes

Holding more than 7 hours

Burn tax: 8%

Buyback tax: 2%

Total: 10%

Holding less than 7 hours (Antibots)

Burn tax: 8% + 3% (Additional tax)

Buyback tax: 2% + 2% (Additional tax)

Total: 15%

Taxes will be decreased gradually till reaching 0% tax

Pre-Sale & Values

Token Sale

IDO starts in
  • Private sale
  • |
  • Soft Cap
  • |
0% target raised
1 BNB = 400000 LTS
Purchase Token
  • Starts
    01 May
  • Ends
    15 May
  • Soft cap
    250 BNB
  • Hard cap
    500 BNB
  • Number of tokens for sale
    200,000,000 LTS (20%)
  • Acceptable currencies
  • Maximum contribution amount
    5.00 BNB
  • Public sale
    180.000.000 LTS (18%)
  • Private sale
    20.000.000 LTS (2%)


First verification service on Blockchain

The latest legit projects in the space


Verify your wallet or contract with easy steps

LTS CCL is the first verification service on Blockchain provided by Lotus Network. To ensure the transparency between Entrenprenuers and Investors. Verify your wallet or contract easily Through CCL smart contract and get listed in CCL.

  • Secure
  • Trusted
  • Private
  • Personal
  • Business



Hold your crypto and fiat currencies in you pocket

LTS FINANCE Android & ios app

LTS FINANCE mobile app will help you to manage your crypto and fiat currencies, Basic UI to interact with most complicated and sophisticated systems, Break the boundiries of finance with LTS.

  • Pay it
  • Stake It
  • Transfer it
Android - Soon IOS - Soon

Behind The Scene

Appears on

Yahoo Finance
Market Watch


LTS CHAIN is a hybrid blockchain, Specially designed to support fintech sector. We cannot expose anything about it at the moment, The whitepaper of LTS CHAIN will be released separately in accordance with our Roadmap
To prevent scams and theift LTS CCL (Clean Coin Listings) is a service provided by Lotus network for wallets and contracts owners to verify their Addreses on multiple Blockchains By KYC themself.
CEO is doxxed already and his personal accounts is written in token contract and somewhere on the website, For the rest of the team, We let our team have their choice for doxxing themselves or not.
Lotus network funding will be held through three funding rounds. Each round we will release a determined percentage of LTS token with higher price than the previous round, In order to reach the targeted funding.
Liquidity will be locked as well as Company reserve wallet and Team wallet. And we will announce all locked wallets in our website.
LTS Contract deployer can modify max transaction amount, as well as fees amount. Also, He can burn tokens from his own wallet.
LTS Token is a deflationary token, The supply always go down. That is why we need to constantly decrease the fees and max-tx manually.
CCL is an address verfication method, You can always search for token address before you buy it or make a transfer to know wether the address is verfied or not. In case of getting scammed by a verfied address you can contact our CCL team and provide the evidence and we will take care of the rest.
LTS CHAIN will offer you an instant transactions with the highest security and lowest possible fees.
LTS Token is the role model of our ecosystem. All our services will rely upon it. And soon we will release LTS FINANCE - Staking and more is upcoming in accordance to our roadmap
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